If you have some useful grammar worksheets, activities, you can upload them here!!!

Activity #1 Level 1 or Level 2 Japanese

  • Using 〜時に to express times at which you do things
  • Using ません to invite others
  • Using 〜で to say by what means of transport yo go somewhere

Here are some web sites that help with Japanese. Why doesn't everyone share one of their favorite sites to use. I really like the Japanese Page and Minna no Kyozai.

JGram: a web site that organizes gramar into JLPT Proficiency level with English explanations and Japanese examples

An online Denshi Jisho

A site with English explanations of Japanese grammar and Japanese examples. There are also video lessons on this site.

The Minna no Kyozai web site has great resources for teachers. Once you become a member, you can download lessons and listening activities. There are also JLPT Level 4 and 3 grammar explanations.